Karoline Vembre

Karoline Vembre is a writer, with a degree in Creative Writing from The University of Roehampton.

She was born in the north of Norway, where she was involved in the local theatre for many years. She was part of establishing the theatre company Skrubbsår, where she functioned both as an actor and a writer, producing several performances.

Karoline has written many plays, the most recent being “BRYT”, which was developed for Bodø Youth Theatre and premiered in December 2013. She is currently writing the piece “MØRKE” in collaboration with Frost Theatre.

Karoline also writes poetry and fiction. She is a contributor to the online magazine Supremacy and became runner-up for the Hopkins Poetry Prize in 2014. Her poem “Movement” and her short story “Achromatic” were chosen for the anthology collection Screams & Silences, published by Fincham Press 2014.